Plans of other trips


Having to speed up my trip I had to leave Venice in Italy, Bled in Slovenia, some parts of Croatia aside, and Greece. The main sin in this trip, but another chance will come. And this section is to have a reminder of what I left aside and can still do someday.

The Balkans left overs

Leaving probably from one of the greek Islands or Turkey. Hoping the greek islands, mainly Mikonos and Santorini, landing in Athens and going all the way to the rocks of Meteora, passing Macedonia in Ohrid, looking up Tirana in Albania and Bar in Montenegro (and some more perhaps), enjoying the sun in Dubrovnik and from there ferry to Bari, driving to Napoli cruising the Italian coast all the way to San Marino, crossing to Croatia again to visit Zadar and Pula. Jumping to Italy just to visit Trieste and Slovenia for Bled (Vintagor). Finishing in Venice and perhaps revisiting Bologna.





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