How does this blog work?

Guide for the ones who don’t know how to explore my blog, have any questions and never notice you could this or that in my blog.

How to know where I am at that moment?

(because posts take a long time to writ and not always are updated with my current location)

  • “Check in:” the top menu gives you that information in the “Check In”, and if you don’t know where that is, click it and it gives you the location on Google maps


The top menu also gives you access to the main pages.

  • Nest: Main page with the most recent posts featured, click on the images to access the posts.

  • Birdhouse: Like at home(birdhouse), everything/every post is here. If you can’t find it in the Nest page, its here. (Side note: In the bottom of the blog is a search bar)

  • Where have you been?: This page is accessible by the side menu and its intended for the people who care for where I am, but don’t have that much time or interested in reading the blog.
  • Contact: Want to tell me something and don’t have my contact, send me an email trough there.

How to know where I am going next?

There is still a long way to go, and I have a general idea of all the route.

However, I’ll put the exact details along the way of the next weeks in this little icon. Click on it to see the route in Google maps of the next weeks.

Side Menu

This menu divides the various types of post in categories.

Photos: redirects you to my Flickr account so you can view the photos showed in the slideshow at your own pace, and even download them.

Notebook: All that I’ve been writing, journal, other writings and even sketches

People: People I’ve meet along the road

Postcards: All the mail I’ve been sending

Experiences: Things that I’ve done/tried that marked me in some way


Music: If you want a soundtrack to enjoy while reading my post click the CD icon and your redirected to the youtube video of the song I wrote the post on

Notes: From time to time I put some images or redirect something I’m talking about to another page. Usually it appear highlighted, click on it. (e.g. Marble Church and 1,2,3 in this post)


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