Philadelphia (PA) & Massachusetts


In Philly I stayed with a puppet maker (Sean), I got to see the cool place West Philly is to live in. And he as all into the art world, so I enjoyed a different view on the city. One that I enjoyed a lot.



Boston, Phillipston (lake)

Gordon picked me up in Boston. From there we went to his friend seaside house, 1 hour south of Boston. And it makes the state so pleasant to live in. It looks like the weekend place to be after working all day in the city. Loved it!

And from the sea you go to the woods, driving a boat in a lake, surrounded by beautiful lake houses. Back to Boston, a historical and business oriented city. A night out with Gordon, playing bowling and watching my first Baseball match. No other place and team could be better, Red Soxx in Boston The only problem, people are  rude as f***! Other than that, yep, loved Massachusetts!


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