New York City, the last of the States

Overhelming, but not so much. Yes, it’s a big and full city. But I’ve been over the world (in less than a week I’ll be able to say that for sure!) and what surprises a lot of people doesn’t surprise me.

So, all the dirt, noise, lights, people..joke compared to Bangkok!

 However yes, it is still the place I would love to live in. Everything happens here. You pass by people selling discountrd tickets and premieres are announced everyday in Times Square. Every other day there is a free concert in some park, you can have whatever you want to feel at home, there is food and others from every place in the world.

It is what it promises. It is New York City!

 Central Park works as the perfect analogy for the city. Once you are there, looks like the whole city dissapears. The same for Chinatown, China comes to life. Same in a shop, you forget outside. And every part of the city is like that! What I’ve dreamed of and a perfect way to finish my trip in the US.

Now, London for 3 days and a week to say goodbye to Amsterdam


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