Well..Edgar made Texas big to me. Not only was great to see him again, he assured I wouldn’t regreat coming to visit him.

Austin is the cool (by cool I mean liberal) city in Texas. Not much to see, but the vibe you get from the line of bars downtown is great, and in the place of what you can’t see, you eat! Really, really great food!

San Antonio

The history is here, and so is the true mexican flavour.
It was funny to order in Spanish in a restaurant (in the US), and interesting to know how one day this land was not home of fat people with american flags wherever there is space. Home of Indians, nature lovers, land conquered by Spanish, and later by Americans. Thinking that may had been a country nowadays is incredible.


This were passing spots only, either to make a bus transference or just to cut a long trip. However it gave me the feeling of how I would hate to live in a city in Texas. I could cope with Austin, but other than that, Texas for me is to eat and not to live in.



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