USA: The arrival

Simply Seattle

Welcome to America! From Beijing to Seattle! From I won’t even look at you when you’re asking me something to I will ask you how you are doing just because we are sharing the same sidewalk for 5 seconds.

A big difference to get used to, or should I say, adjust to (?)

Whatever it is, I loved it. Seattle is the nice city to live in. Nature,  coffee, business district, art, seaside markets and a laid back lifestyle.
That is Seattle, that is America’s introduction and so far I love it!

And I know you want the girl analogy, so here it goes. It would be the super cool girl you are friends with, but wouldn’t mind at all having her as a girlfriend.

A jump to Portland

Just a jump to catch the train to San Francisco. Not so much about the city, but more about the free coffee, I got from a girl on the bus from Seattle, and the Powell’s Books bookstore.
Still, It is a city, like Seattle, to see again. A mine version of the last, but as nice and interesting.

Funny fact: From the bus station to the train station a guy asked me if I was homeless (because all the homeless people wear backpacks and are not far from my age), when I said “No”, he said “Ye, I’ve been there..”. I am not homeless!
Well, technically yes, since I’m in a place where I depend on people to have a roof over my head and I camp if I don’t. So I change it, I am for now. And I’m proud of it, for what I’ve saw so far, what I’ve done. Three more months of all of this!


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