Southern California

Los Angeles

Hollywood, Santa Monica, Long Beach and Orange County

Los Angeles has a lot. From the city where the stars live and movies are made, to the beach where Arnold used to train or to OC where one of my favorite tv-shows was filmed.

To finish off with a good week in Long Beach pet-sitting and having fun with my dear traveler friend Dustin I’ve meet long ago in Agra.

Sad to say, but Hollywood is warn-out, Orange County is just fancy and LA is not what you imagine. Is the too much make up girl that fools you because you are too drunk, nothing more. It is worth seeing the reality of what once was one of the cool cities in America. But wouldn’t stay there longer. California was way more to give and LA is not the place, only if you’re a star, nothing else.

I had fun in Long Beach, and Dustin is the only guilty person in that! Thank you so much man! you made my days there!


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