Northern California

A thousand hills in San Francisco

Probably the best transition you can think of between Northwest America and California.
City of hills and hills, where a super well planned city lies on. Trams give it the old charm and biking around is a (hard) pleasure.

People might say it the other way around, but who cares, it is the Hong Kong of America. The old and the new in perfect tune. The cozy small shops giving way to chains and the America of the movies and tv-shows in slowly introduced to me.

Laid Back Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz was advised to me as being the artisty-hippie town to chill. So it was! I’m glad I managed to stay in a house of artists and hippie like people, because that made the whole experience way better (thank you so much Nick for the invitation!)

There is not much to it! It is just laid back. And that is all I wanted for my birthday!
Beach trips, downtown trips, and just chillin’ afternoon over afternoon talking to all the people in the house.

Note: The train journey from Portland to SF was one the best I ever had. If you ever have to do it, do it by train 🙂


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