Well..surprise, surprise. Desert! haha

No really, I was surprised. I thought everything in Arizona was going to be dirt, cactus, and new roads contrasting yellow stripes on the new black tar. It is sort of in Phoenix, neverthless is pleasent. The sun shines everyday, you bike everywhere and you manage to visit  Scottsdale, where bikers get together and old cowboy movies go trough your head while looking at the old bars and houses.
Aside from that you eat good food, hike beneath the desert sun and imagine what was life once, when indians cross this land in horses.


The desert gives way to woods. From Phoenix to Flagstaff, where I meet my first american friend Elyse. Cool student town with a lot of crazy things happening, a little bar street. Much in the way of Elyse. Ending my few 2 days in Flagstaff watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon. Wish I could’ve hiked it, but another time with Utah and Las Vegas included in the route.


With the western movies background sorrounding me I spent two days wild camping and skinny dipping in a river. Just me, the sky, the water, the birds and not even a distraction. No past or future, just there.
It was pleasent enough to think about living there for my life, fooling myself for a couple of hours. Having time to digest all my travels have given me!


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