The Great “HUGE” Wall of China

The wall is what you expect it to be. Similar to the Taj, it is there, in all its splendor. You walk it, you touch it, you are in full awareness of what is going on. However, like in the presence of the most beautiful girl, your brain stops recording memories to live the full moment. Of course I remember it, I know I did, I know now how it looks.

But still, looking at pictures, it looks like imagination. That 2 years ago I had no idea that I would be there, on such a historic place, such a icon for travelers.

In addition to that, you can hike in it. 4kms back and forth, from the touristy to the wild, from the reconstructed to the destroyed. I don’t regret at all having visited the Mutianyu section. It is a beautiful one, and to go down 1,5km you have the cool option of a slide.

Like said to me, I advise, avoid Badaling section and come to this one.


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