Search for the Colossus I

Ha Long or Cat Ba didn’t actually filled my need for gigantic limestone rocks, so why not go to a small village where one of million scenic spots in China stands, trough time, glorious day or night.

Xingping is touristy like any other place in China since the percentage of international tourists is minimal compared to national. And there are a lot of international tourists. But to illustrate In the dorm in Guangzhou I’ve staid with other 3 Chinese guys, here with 5 girls (that would laugh between themselves every time I entered the room, in the proper Asian shy girl way).
Still, Xingping is the closest you get to the ancient Chinese villages, made of wood, surrounded by beautiful mountains and having ways of itself. From the rooftop I saw the sun setting every day, far away, melting in the back of all the colossus moon took its turn right after and would polish their edges in white.

Between small touristy shops and people trying to talk to you in Chinese like you know it, Xinping is a delightful little village.


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