Saudades? Macau!

Vietnam drain all my travelling energy. 7 months on the road makes you miss a lot of things. You start forgetting your own language, adaptation to new things is a constant and being alone, despite all the good things it brings, doesn’t provide you with an anchor.
But gladly I’m Portuguese and in glorious days my people did way more than I am doing today. Traveled by boat, discovered, settled, colonized.

That provides anchors along the way for a traveler. Goa in India s one that I’ve missed, but Macau not only was my gateway to mainland China but an anchor in this trip.

3 days were enough to recharge my batteries, to prepare myself for 4 more months of traveling.
And how do you recharge the traveling bug in you?

You stay with lovely people that speak your language (thank you Zé for everything!), you read Portuguese again in everything, you eat food from your country, and feel like in Lisbon again.

Macau indeed had its magic, a nest where I could feel comfortable in the other side of the world.



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