Now it is! “Real” China!

Wow! There is no doubt that you know when you’ve crossed the border.
From a calm sunny place you enter the mess of people and people (hello again India?), sky filled with ads, all things in Chinese (yes, no English for you foreigner), and apparently the pollution also needs a visa to get out of the country since it really shows once you cross the border to mainland.

Was it all true? All that people told me about China, while I was still in Vietnam? The pollution, bad hygiene, rudeness, no English and no love for foreigners..

Well not really…yes, kids poop on the streets, the air is less breathable, you have to ask 10 people till someone doesn’t turn their backs to you, and yelling is a constant. But India was the best choice I could’ve made for my first Asian country. After it, you learn to face things with a smile and without losing face. That is indeed one of the best things I’ve learned on this trip.

Guangzhou was a good introduction to what I had waiting for me in the rest of my month in China.


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