Hong Kong

After a Vietnam that didn’t surprise me as much as I wanted it to, I hop on a plane for my 21st country in this trip.
And so we enter China…not really!

Hong Kong is in my heart. For being a business district and a playground for the weekends.
And the skyline is its trademark!

 This is what you get in HK. Expats paradise, since you are technically in China and still everything is accessible  Specially if you have the money. But even if your on a budget, Michelin restaurants are great and worth it, or just a Korean one where you have to fight for your food (thank you Meishi for taking me there and hosting me). Whatever you want, HK has it.
 From a tourist view point it looks like a playground for grown ups. Very Hollywood like, every attraction has the stereotypical overly excited voice and it seems brand new.

The islands provide the perfect day trip escapade to hike. In the city old meets new, and traditional the modern in a futuristic symbioses  Much like Cantonese mingles English in all ads and street signs.

 Monasteries and temples look built 5 years ago, giant buildings seem like they’ve been growing for centuries. It’s organized and it is not, its clean and it’s not. Two realities merge so well and so distinctively.

But one thing is for sure. It is not China!


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