North Vietnam

Average Hanoi

Not much to say about it. Same same as Saigon, a city with history, this time with a bigger communist influence.

However makes a point about long trips in same area countries.

Once you get surprised by something, a smaller or less fantastic is sure to bore you. In Europe you get churched out, here you get templed out. With the addition that most of the communist arquitecture is grey and dull.

Unique Cat Ba

This landscape is the pearl of Vietnam, mainly Ha Long bay.
Can’t complain. Grotesc limestone giants raising from the water seamed frozen in time.
It is a sight to see. However try it with a good weather. The fog killed my expectations of the post card view and a swim.

Another time, with a big budget, the idea is to rent a boat and discover the place by myself with time. So many beautiful islands. And also climbing.
Cat ba, the island itself is nothing special, however makes a perfect settling point instead of the awful Ha long bay city where you are bowed to get scammed

(Note: Guide on how to get to Cat Ba by yourself)


2 responses to “North Vietnam

  1. “In Europe you get churched out, here you get templed out.” – ahaha

    In Arabia you get mosqued out, seems like religions were really the main motor of civilization before 😮

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