Historic Hue

It is the Chinese influence in its peak. From a forbidden city to the tombs it is Beijing of Vietnam.
Despite the first annoyance of being asked 5 dollars for a Pho soup as soon as I arrived hungry, the day of renting a bike and cycling 40 kms paid off.

From jumping a tomb walls not to pay the entrance fee, meeting cool people along the way, and being alone inside a prohibited arena, I can only say good things about the city. People were assholes dough. Didn’t get the best experience with Vietnamese people in this trip sadly.

However, in Hue was the best and the worst, had two great experiences with people.
The boy on the bike you see on the photos was very amazed to see a foreigner far away from the city and greeted me with a shy “Hello”, I asked (showed) him where the Ancient Arena was, since I was lost, and he took me there.
Upon breaking the wood sticks that cover the entrance, I was there alone. In silence, where tigers and elephants used to fight. Under the sun, surrounded by walls.
I asked the little kid if he wanted to come inside to have a look, but he replied “no”, asked him if he wanted a picture with me and again “no”. Soon I realize he only knew “hello” and “no”. Either way a delightful help and a good ride buddy.

Coming home from the tombs a men stopped where I was standing with the bike. Normally I would reply little or nothing, but the conversation flew and soon we were talking about everything. A little chat that ended without him asking anything of me, like I feared to the last minute he said goodbye. Now I wish I was more open to it, however a good conversation it was, and in countries as such, putting your defenses down can have really bad results.


One response to “Hue

  1. Always the cautious Telmo. I get it though, but it’s tough to find out in the end that it was a good person and we weren’t as open as we could..

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