Old Saigon, now HCMC

Vietnam: India and Thailand with a touch of socialism, all in a blender. I’ve came prepared!
But no matter how much you have you will always fail in something. It is almost everyday a new environment, getting used to it, to new people, new streets and stuff to see, how people act…the list goes on!

But in practice it reveals itself in getting to a new place and immediately getting scammed by the taxi driver from the airport to the hostel. The same taxi driver that smiles and points to the bikes outside the window with an entire family or just a bunch with “a boy and a girl”. But with a backpack on the trunk you just get pissed off and say goodbye to the extra 10 euros you shouldn’t had to pay, and you know your being ripped off.

Never mind! Let’s just eat frog for dinner and try to figure out why there are 3 extra zeros on the Vietnamese notes and 1 euro equals 30000. Haa Thailand you made more sense with your bath.


War wounded Ho Chi Minh City
History here, history there. War museums. And crazy traffic and indications. That is Ho Chi Minh City, or should I say Saigon?
Yes, the city changed name long ago, and basically websites and maps choose the one they like most. Try not to get confused while taxi-bike drivers pass by saying “motorbike? weed? bum bum? Where you go?” every minute.

It is good to have a rest from all that, and once you do you can really appreciate what this people suffered with the war and how much was reconstructed since then. But once you go outside and have to cross a road Frogger style while the green light for passengers seems to mock you and challenge your death you realize again you’re in Asia. But then again, once you do it with ease you can successfully say you’ve been in Asia, and not just passed by.




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