Hoi An

Charming Hoi An

The place that made me stay longer. 2 days are more than enough to see it all and even hit the beach, however the cuteness of the place just makes it a delight to stroll around.

The new year filled this place with even more beauty and light. There was a big fair with shows and popular vietname fair games. And every street was decorated with lights. History is in every corner, and every coffee place makes you want to stop to read anothet chapter of your book.

From the charming bridges that cross the small island that build up the city, the old neighborhods or the colonial style buildings. It is a touristy place but yet untouched.
And there, if you ever feel to pressured by other tourists just hit the local market. Authentic and you will be perhaps the only foreigner there, without the hassling that being one normally brings.

Hoi An will always have a special magic to me. Whenever I do a motorbike trip across Vietnam, will be one of the stops.


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