Heading North

If spending Chinese new year in Hoi An sounded like a splendid idea, getting there would be a different one.

This is what happens for 12 minutes of firework without much celebration and some small shows:

  • Transportation sells out! Yes, there is at times not an option to leave the city by public transport.
  • Almost everything shuts down for 10 days
  • And prices are stupid

That being said, the only option to leave Saigon was to go to Mui Ne and from there to Hoi An.
Alright! Whatever now!

Book the bus! Book the hostel..hoo damm, no hostels and only expensive rooms. Guess who is lucky to have a tent with him?

In the terrible night bus however I’ve meet this guys and that all changed, they also didn’t had a room and we managed to share one.

Russian Mui Ne

If I didn’t knew it, I would’ve said it was a Russian colony.
The whole place is a stretch of a thin bay where everything is in Russian, Vietnamese people speak fluent Russian and crocodile and all seafood is eaten.
We partied that same night with Russians and by early afternoon the next ha hungover day we headed to

Chinese New Year in Na Trang

Another almost Russian colony, but with a good beach that made us stick for a day, or at least that is what we made ourselves believe, since there was no way to get out of there before the whole Chinese crappy new year was over.

Fireworks, everything stops for those 10 minutes. Just so that honks, yelling and vendors come back to action in what is normal in Asian countries.

Very disappointing!

Na Trang was better than Mui Ne, but still not worth the effort.



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