Full Moon Party

Is the BIG FULL MOON PARTY worth it?

Not really! Being there for a week and knowing what all the other parties in Koh Phangan have to offer I can surely say, yes it is a big party but not a quality one.

It is just like any other beach party, however giant. That doesn’t make it good, on the contrary.
The music is not so great, must of the people go for other reasons than the music and dance itself and by the end there is a polluted beach (REALLY REALLY polluted..competes with Varanasi even!) with half dead bodies of drunk people.

Probably it is fun if drunk, but being sober there didn’t really cared much for it like I did for all the others.
My advice, go for the Half Moon Party. Way better! Less people, cooler atmosphere and people there for the music and dance.


One response to “Full Moon Party

  1. Looks like Bairro Alto x10 in a Beach. And yea I can totally get it, it’s fun to be part of a big crowd, but you actually enjoy more if it’s less people… 😀 Seems like you’re having fun anyway!

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