“Aussies” in Vietnam

Yep, this is probably the funniest part of traveling. How fast you come to trust and be trusted!

This is how it happens. You get to Mui Ne without a reserved space to sleep, and because of Chinese New Years you may end up camping to save some money, instead of sleeping in a free, but expensive hotel.

Just before arriving in Mui Ne in an awful night bus, some Australian couple was talking about not having booked a room, and having to sleep on the beach. I caught the conversation and started chatting with them.

Kylie and Harry became super good friends by the end. In that night we booked a super cheap room together, traveled together to Na Trang, booked a room for 2 nights, spent new years there and traveled to Hoi An. After it was sad to say goodbye.

But with them finishing their trip and going to live in Amsterdam, there is a promise of seeing them again. Really hope so! Hug guys *


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