Tropical Koh Phangan

For the first time in my life I experienced really humidity, Bangkok was hot, Ayutthaya wasn’t much different. Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand promised to be much hotter. But the promise is made of doing it with a bike as well as other sides of North Thailand, and more, be in the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai.

Because of that, South and beach sounded much better. So this is my debate with myself:

And why not party on the way?

– You’re no party-backpacker!
– Well…I think my times in Amsterdam say otherwise.
– Still…

– Probably, but won’t party for long after.

– Okay, let’s do it then.

Decided. Party Island, Koh Phangan. The (in)famous Full Moon Party!
Flyers suggest party’s everyday, one hosted in my hostel. A hostel with swimming pool a week of relaxation and reading. And that was exactly what I got!

Arriving at the hostel I’ve meet one person, soon by the second day we we’re a cool big group of party rockers by night and good companions with great conversations during the day. That was what made my trip to Koh Phangan!

Because between the bored and mad faces of locals (which I totally forgive, I would have the same exactly If I had to deal with spoiled “flash-backpackers” who don’t even know how to say thank you in Thai) and shallow talks of those same “flash-backpackers” you didn’t had much to fill the days. Of course nights we’re filled, being the list of partys during a week there:

Jungle Experience, Rhythm and Sands, Jungle Experience 2, Full Moon Party.

One can account for the tiredness of a long day in crisp clear water beaches to the night before, and the search for food or weird bugs in the night markets. Or adventures of renting a bike, falling of the bike in the first hour and getting away from paying for the damage, claiming it was already there.

All an all, a great week to meet people, relax in the beach, read, travel by bike for the first time (even if only within an Island), and seriously party at night.


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