Old Capital of Siam

I’ve loved Bangkok, probably a bit to much! The reason for not doing Northern Thailand was the hangover from all of India and how everything felt so easy in Bangkok.

But gladly I decided to move out, from one capital to another (ancient capital), or what once was the capital of the Siam Kingdom (ancient Thailand), now Ayutthaya. Gladly 3 fellow travelers made me company from Bangkok there and on a 12 bath and 3 hours train ride we went.

The best way to see the place is by bike. Awww..How I’ve missed it, riding but also renting. I can still remember so well renting bikes in Amsterdam, I miss those times!

Ancient temples, Buddha statues and beautiful sunsets. That was Ayutthaya.
Of course I enjoyed the floating houses, but now in Vietnam, those are nothing compared to this.

Haa, one more thing. Contrasting a lot with Koh Phangan, and being that one of the reasons I’ve hated the island, I must said that never I felt so good with locals as here. People were just lovely, always smiling. Walking that night market street was a delight, almost no hassle, free and delicious food (finally had a proper fish with Bleddyn, cheers mate!). Could’ve staid there more just for that market.

Side note: Here tuk-tuks were strangely looking!


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