Stranded in Bangkok

I must admit that Bangkok stranded me for sometime there. What was supposed to be only 4 nights became 9 and plus the 5 after coming from Koh Phangan.

However I don’t regret it at all. Probably just a bit because I didn’t make it north to Chiang Mai, but I have that way one more reason to come back to Thailand, and probably do my dream trip in a Harley trough Thailand.

Hangovered from the harsh times in India, Bangkok was the perfect place. Food was cheap, easy to get, super tasty. I am glad now that I didn’t stay in the main backpackers area (Khao San Road), and booked hostels around the business district, that made a first good impression of the city and made my trip in Thailand.

From hoping between hostels, getting the Vietnam Visa and trying to find the post office. My first days were spent on the 4 giant shopping malls where they even sell Lamborghinis, in Lumphini Park fascinated with the public outdoor gyms and the many pagodas.

Bangkok had enough to fill all those days and more. Now talking to other travelers, they say 3 days were enough, for me it wasn’t and I just filled the other days, would even do more if I had a bigger budget.

Decided not to visit the Main Palace (overrated and stupidly expensive for foreigners), instead had some sweets and a lovely afternoon in the park in front of the palace. When there, some Thai kids made me an interview for their English classes or something and in return gave me their kite. Of course one of the afternoons I spent playing with it. And after coming from Koh Phangan where I had some more fun with it I sent it back home, a heart felted souvenir.

Days spent on markets, one especially for the Chatuchak Market, a giant one on the weekends. There were just so many things I wanted to buy there.
One lost in the streets of Chinatown eating strange stuff, from alien like sweets to crickets and worms. Other in the other side of the river, getting lost between peoples houses and finding Portuguese churches, who would’ve knowned Portuguese once helped Thai people fighting invasions.

More getting lost, strip clubs, ping pong shows, night markets..and by the final week, when I came back from Koh Phangan working in a hostel as a bartender.

Thank you Thailand!

Mental note: Never marry a Thai girl. Don’t know how to dance in strip clubs and even speaking English the complaining Thai accent kicks in.


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