People in India

I met so many people that I lost track of, but I’ll mention some just so I remember down the road.

Pradeep, that saved me on the wrong train to Agra.

Mo Mo, the chinese script writer that shared my wrong train trip to Agra.

Dustin, that I’ve met in Agra and then again in Jaipur.

Imran, a local artist that offered me one of his paintings. I’m still waiting to re tribute by making him a blog for his art.

Bronwen and her husband, two movie directors from the USA, with great stories and photos.
Sunny and its family, the hostel owner in Jodhpur with whom I became friends with.

Grete, the Estonian girl I’ve meet in Jaisalmer and again in Pushkar. Like all Estonians I’ve meet, a lovely one.

Tabea, Thomas, Hyona and Ruby in Pushkar, the people I hung out with and spent my Christmas with.

Michael and David in the meditation course, after 10 days of looking and sharing a room (with David) we finally could talk to each other.
This is the kind of personal post I think I’ll need to update a few times in the future

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