India: a love and hate story

In India I didn’t got out much of the guide book route and the area of Rajasthan, so my following review will be in that spectrum and not exactly of all of India.

India is a harsh land. Is definitely not the paradise land Thailand is, is not however a boring land, the opposite is very true.

It is not a vacation place, it is not a place to relax. It is the authentic exploration destination. The wow effect is everywhere you look, the senses are just filled up till you have to take refugee in your hotel room and prepare yourself to face the streets again.

That is the culture, that is the way it works, that is India!

A super different culture, double intention looks, religion all over like the dust. A lack of privacy as big as the cows that share the street with cars and people.

It is hard, it is difficult. My first week I thought to myself  “you made the biggest mistake ever”, but being strong and staying was the best thing I could’ve done.
Despite the scams, gay invitations, random strange conversations, hard times on trains, waiting for a long time or just the smell and dust, or even the poverty and trash around. Despite all this and more I shared with some people here in Thailand that also traveled in India, there is a paradox. Of what I remember, of what would make me come back to that love country.

The smile and happiness you see in people despite being poor, a big heart in most. The distance songs you can always hear in the big and fantasy like landscapes.

It has the best, it was the worst. And it is still hard for me to answer in a straight way “I loved it” or “I hate it”. But I believe that to be India. The kind of sick love and hate relationship you have with a girl, the one that remembering now looked so good, but sure it had its faults. It had its good moments and unique things you won’t find in any girl, but also so much annoying things you never saw in anyone.
It is the first place I felt like leaving, and one of the first I would come back to (after some months of rest of course. You can only have a sick relationship from time to time).

Hate it. Love it. But do it.
There is no country like India.


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