the flashy and the blue


Flashy and Noisy Jaipur

What do you do in first night in a city?
You go to the movies to see a movie in a language you don’t understand. In another place would be a strange thing to do, but knowing the Bollywood industry it is a must do, specially in Jaipur’s cool big cinema Raj Mandir.
Bollywood movies?
It actually had less dancing than most Disney movies. The audience behavior is in itself another reason to go. It is not going to be the same going back home and not hearing “huuuuu” when a girls in the screen shows her belly.

Monuments, tuk tuks pimped out with neon lights, being photographed hundred times by locals like I was a movie star (the photo with the kids in uniform was taken in one of the monuments, they were on a school trip and just followed me around talking and talking, lovely). Talk here, talk there and you don’t do anything of your day except for small talk. Which is not bad, except when you are being scammed.
But after Jaipur I already knew the talks, the prices and managed to start enjoying and even having fun with vendor imitating their accent “Hello sir, where do you come from?” or answering politely “I’m good sir and how are you in this lovely afternoon”.

Blue Jodhpur

It is the first time in India that I feel I like a place. Don’t take me wrong, I like India so far for its diversity and uncomfort. But Jodhpur I like it in a European way, not that it is in any way European.

But the city name (Blue city) finally has some meaning and sense. People are normally normal, and not an extreme or just fake. Finally there is nature to walk in without the usual noise that my hears got used to.
The fort is finally one worth the money and the look over the blue city is finally “incredible”.

Mandore (Hindu temples mini-revenge)
With some spare days in Jodhpur, I made a day trip to Mandore. Having put aside the plans for Cambodja, Mandore gave a small taste of the architectural like temples I wanted to see, because to be honest Hindu temples inside are a bit disappointing  I love to imagine a past life where, when everything was alive and drums awaken the walls to rituals and colors, and this was a good way to spend an afternoon.


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