Meditation Course (Vipassana)


  • 10 days of meditation and silence
  • from the 26th of December  to the 6th of January
  • 11 hours of meditation a day
  • Waking up at 4am and going to bed at 9pm

That was my new years and I’m happy about it.
Wanted to make that passage to a new year in a totally different way and learn to meditate was in my bucket list. Two in one and a special experience.

The philosophy behind it has roots in Buddhism, but focus much more on the technique. Of concentrating on the breathing, and just being aware of the sensations in the body.
Without craving or aversion. Without want or repugnance.

Just being aware of what happens in the body. And somehow (I’m still wondering how, but it works) that applies to life situations. What I got was immense considering that the course is free:

  • More control
  • More attention and focus
  • Better position
  • Deep knowledge of myself
  • Learned to properly meditate
  • Awareness of mind and body


But the road to get to it is hard. With a hard disciplinary conduct of not talking, writing, reading or listening to music the purpose is to focus entirely on the meditation. Rest, meditate, eat, meditate. That is it.  But it is totally worth it when it comes to what you get from it, at the moment and afterwards.

Anicca, impermanence is the secret you get from it all. The same I’ve been saying about feathers, of letting go. The knowing that things pass, change, fall. The embrace of that changing like a natural thing, the law of life. The way to be happier with all the things of daily life.

Again I thank Benni for telling me about it. Any person interested I’ll leave the website, they have center worldwide. 


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