from rich to holy land

Richy Udaipur

With a few days before the meditation course in Pushkar I decided to dedicate 2 to Udaipur. It is the super nice city with nature, lakes, and amazing palaces.

Once upon a time house of Rajas, after democracy became a house to luxury hotels. It is a day trip since it doesn’t have much to see. But it it still a pretty place to get out of the confusion of other cities.

Touristy Pushkar

Pushkar was the final city in India, with the meditation course in 6 days I had that time there to relax and prepare myself for it. Pushkar was indeed a good choice for it.
Not only because it was quiet and peaceful, but since it is touristy the food was much better, there were enough people to hang out with for some days and it was actually the perfect place to spend Christmas.
Since I could spend it watching the sunset sky covered with kites and playing the sitar, and having a friendly dinner with people I’ve knew for some days already.

Also, because Pushkar was so touristy was the perfect bridge between India and Thailand.


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