from holy to hypocritical

Holy Varanasi
All that characterizes every place in India in only one, the holy city of all India, where people (Hindus) focus their lives around the Ganges River, in the belief of the end of reincarnation cycle if their ashes are thrown in the river.
It is a beautiful sight of a bay of temples, and what I thought it was a celebration of the festival at first, it is only what happens every night. A ritual of flames, dancing and spirituality. Sure the festival (Ganga Mahotsav) added to the cultural of the Varanasi experience, specially with its last day of Deep Diwali, with candles all around the bay.

Varanasi is not less speedy than Delhi, but once you reached the river you are faced with a more calm (traffic wise) atmosphere of a life of people that shower in the river, wash their clothes there, drink it, and dye there. Yes, the same water that cows poop in.

It is sick to me. I didn’t even dared to touch the water. But the fact is that this people truly believe in that and have an incredible dedication towards it. Once you can ignore every single person trying to sell you something or just staring at you, and the pollution the river has undertaken it is just you and the primary source of life, and in a way and old Hindu belief makes sense, or yet, it made sense. In a quiet and unspoiled India.

Agra (hypocritical house of the Taj)

The first train mistake! How I felt stupid and scared! I had now to stop in a station I had no idea where it was in the middle of the night, in order to go back to the departure train station to catch the right train.

When you think India people have no heart, Praderp borrowed me some money so I could paid my fine and directed me on the right way from the destination of that wrong train. I got on second class and soon enough discovered someone who had made the same mistake, a Chinese script writer. And we both discovered that it was a mistake on the billboard and not ours. Pay the fine and forget it! We got a random train to Agra without a ticket. No one checked. Enough bad luck for that day.

Ok, Agra! (very critic mood from now on, sorry) It is the beautiful clean city for the tourist to see. Everyone stills honks, cows still cross the streets and people still stare at you. But because a large part of the tourists only see the Taj Mahal in the place of the map that India should be in, they hire people to clean the streets rather than just sweep the dust and trash from one side to the other like the other cities. They even have trash bins here! Ho…and people are not allowed to spit on the premises of monuments. Grr…now that I was getting used to it.

Sorry again for the arrogance, but Agra is indeed the hypocritical city of India that doesn’t add nothing to it except for its history and monuments. In my opinion it is, see the Taj, get out.

Regarding the Taj? One of the most beautiful things you’ll see in your life. The fog added to the mystery of the place, as songs came from the other side of the river. It looked like heaven, having a big white palace and looking down only fog with songs coming from it.

Just beautiful!


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