Desert life


The close border with Pakistan shows its colors, mainly gold, in Jaisalmer. A desert land once united, with the traces of Jodhpur in architecture and sand all around.

It is the touristy place and the fort, aside from its houses and life inside doesn’t live up to the hassle the city comprises. What is a shame since it is a beautiful one.

On a side note: Discovered that the hasseling is not only with foreigners but Hindi people as well. Not fully at rest dough, since I hate it and see how locals dislike it as well. Just another side of the culture dough.

There isn’t much to write about Jaisalmer, but much to see, so the photos deserve a post just for themselves.

In a way I was prepared (from all the places) for the stronger hassle in here, for the cow poop all over, and the rooftops and open spaces already presented in Jodhpur. However it amazed me and one of the reasons I think it was because now I could enjoy interly and ignore all the rest.


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