Camel and top of a bus riding

In Jaisalmer I rode a camel trough the desert. Was much more comfortable than expected. However my initial statement “I could ride this everyday to University” became a lie after 1 hour riding it. My butt hurt.
Even so, a thing to do again for sure.



After the meditation course a bus picked up all the participants, but because there was no space inside, we had to go on the top. What a shame!

Perfect way to wake up of a week of silence, meditation and to say goodbye to India.



One response to “Camel and top of a bus riding

  1. Hahah! I got you there bro! When in the Desert I rode a camel too, for 1h30. in the beggining it was totally awesome, sure. After 1h my ass was in pain. Besides the sitting thing on top of the camel was almost falling so I had a hard time 😀 nice that you share the pain now, big hug and keep updating this you bastard.

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