Pearls of Turkey

There are places in Turkey you wouldn’t believe exist in the world. They do in Turkey. Either it is a white calcium rock formation of pools and thermal waters or flames coming from rocks without any apparent fuel.

Bright Pamukkale

Pamukkale its known for its calcium rock formations. The thermal hot waters contain calcium that slowly in time formed what today is a massive rock formation, so white it looks like snow.

Walking along the ruins until you get to the pools is a perfect way to do it. You really walk the roman/greek ways and realize the reason to build a city there when you finally step on the pools and see how warm and clear the water is.

A place to see before the water runs out, turks fail to maintain it, or tourism kills it.

Secret Olympos

Despite the fact that Olympos was a home away from home (with breakfast and dinner included in the hostel price) and reminded me so much of the simple life in Algarve (south of Portugal, my usual vacations with my grandparents), it is in itself one of the most beautiful places in Turkey.

Where ruins are taken care of (part of them), but left untouched in the middle of the forest. Good to walk around without feeling like you are in a museum, and just you, the nature, and thoughts about what people used to do in the ruins you’r standing in.

Besides the beautiful beach, to which you have to cross the ruins to get in to, you have 1 mile or so up a hill the Chimaera, flames emerging from the rocks fueled by the methane gas coming from them. Interesting phenomenon, but more interesting are the tales of sailors navigation by them and seeing them from the ocean back in the days. I imagine always all the wholes on fire and big flames.

Interesting place, with clear beach water, wooden huts in the hostel to spend a lovely evening on the internet or playing cards with friends before the great dinner.

Would’ve stayed more time if I had my friends there!


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