Foggy Kapadokya

Cappadocia began at 7am, with a landscape of balloons filling up the sky, diving slowly in the fog and disappearing from sight. Tired, I climbed one of the valleys (Red Valley) while I waited for my room to be ready. Good to be there in absolute silence, enjoying the only sun the week would see.

I stayed in Goreme, the center of everything there. Bought 2 tours to simplify the already complicated way Cappadocia presents itself and the confusing fog that persisted the whole week I’ve stayed there. Tours took me to places like Ürgüp, Uçhisar, Ihlara Valley, Sinasos, Derinkuyu or Turasan. Either to see mushroom shape rocks, castles, valleys far away, greek houses in the rocks, an underground city, or taste the region wine (disappointing I must say).

All in all, worth it. Not very surprising dough. The sun most put another light in Cappadocia, because I didn’t see it like other people told me. Also didn’t manage to see any sunrise or sunset, or the multitude of air balloons that filled the sky in the first morning.

However, marvels arouse in the last days. As a horse ran between the rock houses, I stood astonished in the same spot for some minutes. A shadow of what Cappadocia once was, the land of beautiful horses. A refuge of a pointless hunt based on how many Gods each people believed in.

Despite the fact that Star Wars not being filmed in Cappadocia (ignore guides who tell you that!) I couldn’t stop feeling like little Ani in Tatooine in some parts of Cappadocia.
Even without sun…a beautiful strange place, in a  galaxy country not so far far away 🙂

[any person not interested in politics, management or tourism can stop reading now]
Cappadocia is today like any other touristic place in Turkey. A place (gladly) easy to reach, but because of that, is filled with annoying sellers, huts selling the same stuff, and slowly biting the hand it feed it. It is money feed, but not money oriented. A subtle difference that makes a future of a country. (Yes, parts of Portugal had the similar problems in the past).

The hospitality Turks are known for is not present (in the touristic places at least), as the humble farmer moves to the tourist office, hotels and restaurants  without speaking much English.
And the cheap prices the old guides claim, are not present anymore (in food perhaps), as everything in a way for you to spend money (with a railway system in maintenance for some time, main bus station moving away from the places people tend to go, and entrances fees inside places you already payed one to enter in).

Sad. That is indeed my final opinion about Turkey sadly. It is the beautiful middle school girl everyone had a crush on, as high school came she realized it and began to be cocky. University will come for this girl and I believe it will show a new reality, a new world where:

  • time has passed (even with a lot of efforts from UNESCO, Turkeys marvels won’t last because of its peoples greed. They have no idea how to take care of what brings them money. Sustainability is not in their vocabulary)
  • new rules came (Turkey has dreams about entering the EU)
  • and the point of fascination she had, so many others have it (places today at war will show amazing things to the world as soon as conflicts stop and the tourism industry hits them hard)

You’r beautiful Turkey, but I want to see you off the high-school FAST!


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