One of the days in Cappadocia, I had a plan hike in my mind. As I left the hostel, a dog followed me, whistle here whistle there and he began to follow me along the road. People thought I was a local because of the dog and started greeting me with merhaba” and a bigger smile than before.

Didn’t think it would last long, but as I began my trek to the rose valley he was always by my side. As I wanted to reach the red valley, we tried dangerous short cuts, the first we climbed and because my buddy couldn’t it started crying. Soon it climbed the tall rock, just for us to discover we couldn’t go that path. We had to go back, dangerous way, but we made it.

Didn’t reached the red valley (I did by myself the next day), but we reached the rose valley and had our “tuna moment” there. Some photos and getting back.

On the way back it stole a bone somewhere, and as I went to have dinner it waited for me outside, close to the window, right next to me. We said goodbye as I enter the hostel.

Good luck for the cold winter there buddy!


3 responses to “Buddy

  1. Fucking hell man. The bondage between man and animal is one of the most beautiful and remarkable ones. No need for words, the animal will follow you without questioning your whys and whats, or anything at all. He will provide the best company possible in total silence, and a feeling of mutual trust will flow in between both.

    Unique. Great you found it. Would be awesome to have it for a longer time. But it would be heartbreaking to break the bond in the end!

    • I couldn’t say it any other way. That is it! And it was so good, really a good feeling, even if just for a day and I never saw him again.

      I still want to do a trip like that, a small one dough, but with my dog *.*

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