Plitvice Lakes National Park

Being one of my bucket list places in the world I had to do it. The weather wasn’t in my favor, and fog lasted the whole day. Wasn’t bad except for the landscape at far and the quality of the photos.
Other than that, I’m happy for the fog. The mist just above the lakes swinging with the wind, the clearest water I’ve seen (needless to say I’ve step on puddles just because I couldn’t see the water). I’m glad it wasn’t sunny, my wish already in a foggy day was of swimming there.
The broken trees underwater take a different shape and serve as a home to sea plants, fishes and some crustaceans.
The scary part was the ferry ride, apparently sailing to nowhere in the fog. The boat “Medo” (Croatian word for teddy bear and Portuguese word for fear) was in this case well named.
A trip to do again someday, in a sunny day for sure!


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