Balkans. Bosnia & Serbia


The scary Mostar

Mostar is the old woman who suffered in life and that shows. A city wounded by war.
Once said to be a peaceful place where cultures and religions mingled, soon became a war zone where even neighbors fought against each other.

The scars of that war are in every single building, walls filled with bullet holes, so many it looks part of the design. It is indeed a strange city, and the heavy atmosphere lingers. The view from the bridge pays off and it is my first sight of bazaars and the Ottoman influence that there is to come. An afternoon is enough to see this small city. The train ride to Sarajevo is a beautiful one.

Monotonous Sarajevo

Recovered fast from war. Loses a bit of the magic Mostar has. Mosques, a big market, and that is it. Now that I write this post from Istanbul, Sarajevo was indeed a good introduction to it, but it doesn’t say much anymore. A passing city I must say, no more than that for me.



Eternal Belgrade

First of all, Belgrade is a beautiful city. But because I had to wait a week there for my Indian Visa, I came to hate it in a away.  Has a lot to see, and perhaps more if you have the money for it. The nature in the west side of the city after the fortress just made want to explore it on my way to Bulgaria. Discovered talking to the staff of the hostel, the amazing nature Serbia has to offer.

Two Portuguese (Rita and João) doing an Inter-rail saved me for 2 days of that week. Was good to talk, to go out for a night just to talk PORTUGUESE! Missed it!

Seeing things fast as I now am used to, a week was too much in a single city. But I believe it to be the only sacrifice of this trip so far, so not bad.

Summing up, I believe to be a lot like Oslo was. A city with some stuff to see and to which a lot of importance is given and all the promising nature of the country is overlooked, which it shouldn’t, on the contrary.
A Serbian nature road trip is something to look for in the future, for sure. Probably including Bulgaria in it.


2 responses to “Balkans. Bosnia & Serbia

  1. Haha. How did you meet them two? I bet it was something like it happened with us in Amsterdam. Funny how when you’re abroad and you hear someone talking your language you can instantly connect and easily make a bond. Lucky indeed!


    • haha they were just discussing in the room. I was with the headphones and double checked just to really know if it was Portuguese. But they were really cool 😀

      Big hug

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