Croatia, gate of the Balkans

I leave Simone and Alex (Benni and Jana also) behind in Vienna. For now on I am alone again until China (Honk Kong at least).

But the love from friends lives on in me, and I take Simones chocolate as a reminder of that (my favorite one, thank you Simone!)

Croatia was suppose to take its time as I gave up the plans for Bled (in Slovenia) and Venice. But the weather double-crossed me. Pula and Zadar would have to be put aside as well. The plans of going there and camp to pay off the transportation were ruined by the rain.

With this I decided to open a new section on this website. “Plans of other trips”. Everything that I have to put aside will go here. Hope that section does grow any longer from now on.



Arrived at Zagreb and not wanting to take my welcome shot alone, I waited.
A nice Australian girl, Emmalie, invited me to join her in hers. We made plans to visit the city for the first time and went together. A cute litlle town to see in one day has its surprise in the form of the Museum of Broken Relationships.

A long time ago I’ve heard of it, and by surprise came across it now in Zagreb. A visit well worth it. Won’t bother you with details or photos, check it here and here if you want to see more about it.

Spent the night in the city with Emmalie, acting like a touristic duo, while i was reading something she would read another and we saved time telling each other on the way to the hostel. Beer and a strange burger, and wine back at the hostel finished the night.

The second day was of planning for Plitvice and Split and just relaxing.

Plitvice Lakes deserves a section of its own in Experiences&Visits.


Split is the mediterranean city of stone and sea. Manage to stay with a couchsurfer who showed me exactly how closed minded people there. Strange for a country with such a big coast and so rich because of that, and all the movement that brings in to its cities.

Small city where people celebrate weeding with smoke, flags waving around and a lot of noise. A riot it seemed at first.
Leaving Croatia I can only regret the bad weather that makes me have to skip Dubrovnik and admire the landscape on my way to Bosnia (Mostar).


2 responses to “Croatia, gate of the Balkans

  1. Croatia.. Fuck I really wanna visit it. But most likely in the summer, to go to the Islands (Vis) and stay there for a week or so, just enjoying a good weather. You know, from now on the weather is gonna get shitty! Did you check the monsoon period in Asia? When the heck is that? It would be interesting but screwed to get there by that time!

    Big hug!

    • Haha who knows maybe together one day 😀
      I know, Istanbul already introduced me to a shitty one yesterday. But I’ll move before it gets really bad.
      No way, haha not so interesting. Yes I’ve plan the trip based on that. Its in the summer, it ends in September. No worrys!

      Thanks for the concern! Big hug brother

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