Underrated Budapest

My little Dori *

I have Dori like my little sister. And her being the first person I meet in this trip made things very special.
Her family treated me so nicely, and so did Dori. Looked more like she was my older sister.

I don’t want to put Prague aside, but for me Budapest has so much more to give. Very underrated in my opinion.

So here we go. First day, in Amsterdam style (not quite) we rode bicycles to Margaret Island, walked around, saw the mini-zoo. Had time to talk and talk.
Saw the roman ruins museum. The day ended with Budapest Park, and Dorottya’s B-day.

Second day, Szentendre, the cozy village outside from Budapest. The place you want to go when you get old. So, so beautiful. Movie night to cool down and enjoying time together.

Third day, Guided Tour, funny for Dori, and I want to do that in Lisbon when I get back. A full day ended with a full meal, chilling in the Freedom bridge and ending up at Simpla.

The last day was short, we enjoyed our last day together in the 4 sale pub, had fun/promises/love written in messages and there they stay.

We saw the other side of the city, where i could spend a full day in (maybe when i come back).
And finish it up with a dance lesson and in a Tea place with Dori’s friends.

Thank you so much for having me there Dori. Was so good to hang around with you in your own city. Hope you can someday comeback to Portugal and i can show you my favorite things
Köszönöm to your family.


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