The Florida Couple

Overnight trains are great. You have to do that trip, why not doing it while saving a night.

The problem is that, sometimes to arrive at your destiny later than the sunrise you need to catch the last train.
A train leaving a bit before midgnight is quiet worrying in a city like Bratislava.

But the waiting room has wi-fi, so you just go along with it, always carefully observing people that enter the room.
The internet is crappy and you try to upload your photos and update your blog.

You have time.

Backpackers know other backpackers, and rely on each other. A couple of americans askes me something.
Soon enough, we start to talk. And 4 hours went by.

As final destination Berlin, Mark and Anna traveled in Europe almost in the opossite route I’m travelling.
Big oportunity to hear their experience, change my plans, and have some company while waiting for the train.

I hope I can meet them in Florida, or one day in Portugal.
Thank you so much for the tips guys, and best of luck in Berlin.


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