Imperial Vienna

Arrived late afternoon. Alex was there to receive me with a beer on its hand. (Funny to know how we suffered waiting to drink with me)
Good introduction to what Vienna had to offer.
BEER! Being Alex my teacher in that, I believe I had a good taste of a lot of beers, also with the help of Benni. Austrian beer knowledge.

Seightseeing began that same night, in the iluminated and big Vienna with Alex and Jana.
Everything is so massive, so rich, imperial. And organized, making sense.
My kind of city.

One day seeing Vienna from the top, other the big zoo, and the next museums night.
Spend the last days with Simone and Benni. Experiencing the tipical Viennise things, covering the last stuff to see.

Full days of seightseeing during the day, experiencing the Vienise culture and FOOD, bars and hanging out at night.
With a beer on our hand there was always a plan.

It was so good to have this time with you guys, to remember Amsterdam times and make sure something stayed after. That we will see each other from time to time, in a variety of situations.
And I seriously want to show you guys (and also you Dori) my Portugal. ANYTIME(better in the Summer), tell me. I’ll prepare everything.
Thank you so much for receiving me, having time for me, paying stuff for me, showing me around.

I’ll send postcards *



2 responses to “Imperial Vienna

  1. Damnnn πŸ˜€ Vienna has so many good friends indeed. It has to be great to visit such a beautiful city. If I keep reading this blog I’ll go have to steal a bank and join you before it’s too damn late

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