David, the man with a van

And then you fill the gaps.
The loliness travelling alone provides is too big sometimes. Indeed, but then there are days like these.
When you wake up with a plan of leaving early for a long long hike and a neighbor askes you if you want coffee because we made too much.
Either you stick to your plan and refuse or you just go along and have surprises of talking for a long time while having breakfast.

David, the man with the van

A dutch man having his own time alone travelling with his van. Can’t really recall what we’ve talked about, but I know that from travels to family there was conversation for 1 or 2 hours.
In the company of coffee, trata “tea” (72% liquour) and the Trata Mountains on the background, David offered me his vision of the world, his Tuna Moments, and how it is to travel with a van.
I envy that van, really a beautiful thingy to have.

Back at night from the 9 hours trail I found a surprise on the entrance of my tent.
David provided me with a Tuna moment for my travels. A sharing of his world.
Thank you so much David.

This is what makes a trip, this sharing by surprise. Kindness of strangers that become friends.


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