Dangerously Beautiful Paradise

Slovensky Raj, Slovakia


With a few days Dori asked me to prepare things in Budapest, and already sick of Prague. I headed to Slovakia, and because Bratislava sucks. Why not enjoy the nature, and get out of society for a bit?

The Slovensky Raj is the reason to go to Slovakia, a natural park worthy of the title “Paradise”.

Stayed at Podlesok camping park. From the WC i could see the Trata mountains in the distance.

First day of hiking. Suchá Bela trail. Dangerously beautiful.
Climbed really high metal stairs, crossed wooden stair bridges, and had water and waterfalls by my side all the time.
Didn’t see anyone doing the same trail, did it all alone. Felt so nice.
Me and nature, playing with rocks in the waterfalls, screaming on top of rocks, seeing frogs, geckos, birds…

Second day started off bad. With only one boot outside my tent. Gladly it was “near”, hidden in the sand. Damm foxes!
Had breakfast with Dave, a friendly dutch man.
The hike took 9hours return, but the cliff was worth it. Felt like a God!
Even if coming back was in a hurry, and almost had no light coming back to the campsite. Black squirrel, birds. Walking sticks and 0,5L czech beer for 1€.

Third day, visited the Spis Castle. Passed by bus trough the gypsy land. Understood the poverty that ruined infra-structures don’t show. Saw the sunset from the railway line. Caught a ride back to the campsite with Slovaks.

I definitely choose the best time to visit this park. Autumn was in its splendor.

btw, the song “Paradise” played in my mind the whole two trails, and it played in the bar when i was drinking beer.


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