Undefeated Poland

Rising Warsaw

Before anything the keyword of Warsaw was “Kurwa”. Anywhere I would hear that! Why did I learned to curse in every friends language?
Ok, first day Łazienki Park. Squirrels all around and the beautiful Lazienki palace. By surprised caught the Korean festival.
Second, paid a visit to the Palace of Culture and Science
(a Ghotam city look-a-liked building offered by the Soviets), and guess what? Thailand Expo inside! With a China Expo billboard for next week, I really felt an Asian calling. Also visited the Warsaw Citadel that day.

Third was the nerdy visit to the train museum. Forth was a night visit to the old town and the main building of the city. Beautiful looking night view.

What to say about Warsaw?

Warsaw is that young girl you see with a lot of makeup and accessories trying to look older. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful city. However, after you know that what you are seeing is just a recreation of what once was there before the war, it doesn’t look so beautiful anymore. But the history of the fight of the Polish people against Nazi occupation is a touching one.
Two days to rest. And Krakow next.

The cute Krakow

From the hostel beautiful night view to the Basilica tower. The same tower that every hour would do a bugle call (check how it sounds). A funny sound for such a beautiful basilica on the inside. One of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

An old nice market goes across the town hall. Nice wooden carved chess sets and other unique items. A beautiful old town and so much to see. Would’ve staid one or two days more.

Last, the Wawel Castle. So peaceful. The gardens are really a joy to walk on, and the view of different styles in the same spot, it doesn’t look like what I would normally call a castle, but still.

All in all, I believe that they should have never changed the capital of Poland from Krakow to Warsaw. I believe Krakow has so much more to give.

Funny note: That women with the pink thingy on her hand was a funny moment for me. She’s probably a guide, and she would wave that thing around like crazy. A good laugh just for that.


4 responses to “Undefeated Poland

  1. Nice pictures Telmo, I really like the Gotham city building, we should build more of those 🙂 And the train museum, might be nerdy but hey, who cares ? Take care my friend.

  2. The way you described it feels to me like the way we see Polish women too. They kinda look like Barbies! x)

    And you should’ve tried and shout out Rui pretty loud, just to make sure it means Dick in Polish 😀

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