Enlightened Prague

What do you learn with a group of Spanish people in a crappy hostel, when talking about how old should a girl be?

“Si pesa más que un pollo, me la follo” I’m not even going to translate. It’s just to bad!

Well, Prague was a resting city for me. I had the hostel experience, and took time to rest and see the city with a few days on my hands.

Its funny how walking trough the normal streets you already see the architectonic styles mingling together, from the top you see churches and towers ripping the skyline, and every building is incredibly beautiful, in this city crossed by bridges and influences. A sight I will definitely starting seeing in the Budapest and Vienna.

This is of course during the day. Get out at night and you’ll be amazed by one of the most illuminated cities of Europe. Its beauty is at night multiplied, and wasting so much on light really pays off.

In my best day of a week here I saw the sun going down in the castle (St. Vilnius cathedral was definitely a high point of Prague) and enjoyed the night view over the city. Woke up before the sunrise. Took breakfast at Charles Bridge, and waited for the sun to come up. Crossed it, paid my respect to Lennon in a wall in its honour  and at 9am the astronomical clock showed me why this is a town known for its beauty and puppet art.

But I must say that its a good city to spend money, go out and have fun. Next trip here I want to come with friends, party in the 6 floor club and see the sunrise again from Charles Bridge.

After 4days in a crappy hostel where I destroyed the electric system with a water boiler, I moved to one with sauna and swimming pool. Time to rest and re-plan the trip. Change of plans, visit Dori in Budapest first and Viena with Simone and Alex afterwards. With that i’ll probably add Slovenia and Slovakia before Croatia.



3 responses to “Enlightened Prague

  1. 6 floor club I wanna try that as well. 😀 And waking up before sunset and watching it rise while having breakfast in a bridge.. man. Awesome way to start any day.

  2. We could have met in Prague instead of Slovensky Raj 🙂 No, I would not have taken you to this 6 floors place but to some other places. Well… water under the bridge they say… Good trip and lots of tuna moments. Greets !

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