The Baltic Scene pt.2

Riga (Latvia)

I must confess I’m not the most loose guy when travelling on unknowned territory, especially alone. But, for the first time a country makes me feel treathneed. Not that its not safe. With police in every 2 corners I could walk at night with no worrys. But security cameras on top of every street name, and army like guards in some building entrances brings an unfamiliar feeling of “they are there for a reason”. Also the russian influence is at is highest, and I’m happy in a way to leave Russia and the transiberian for another trip (a more experienced one).

In a more cherfull note, girls are notoriously beautiful here. The russian rufness is here softned and you are presented with its pure essence.
Buildings are also breathtaking. You can see the effort to restore them, you see the proeminent germanic influence in those already restored. But when one of those meets a soviet grey bunker like building and a destroyed medieval Latvian one in your view spectrum, that’s when you know your in the Baltic’s capital.
Vilnius (Lithuania)

I would describe Vilnius as a beautiful and rebel teenager with problems at home. Beautiful with its churches and rustic touch, and rebel for the touchable poverty. Here, more than any other of the Baltic’s I felt the mistrust in the looks, the eyes focusing on the pockets.

Soviet influence still lingers, but faster than Latvia, Lithuania grows in that pressure and in its on way (really want to see it again before I dye, just to see how it changed)

Vilnius open its gates with pink clouds filling the sky and marking one of the churches, looked so beautiful at that moment.

Dominated by religion(s), poverty and not so reliable borders, its a beautiful country (capital) if you know the precautions you have to take.

(The flag between the two photos of windows marks the start of Vilnius photos)


One response to “The Baltic Scene pt.2

  1. Hum, I would expect that for countries with such Soviet Influence still, the feeling of being watched, not so safe etc. But I think a guy like you, careful and a reader of intentions and situations will most likely know when to avoid possible bad outcomes, so you should be safe most of the way. Normal if something happens in a year though, of course.

    Missing you bro! hug

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