The Baltic Scene pt.1

Goodbye Scandinavia, Hello Baltics

Tallin (Estonia)

I must say i was surprised. Estonia is a country of beautiful and intelligent people with a big focus on technology and young people with a lot of projects in their minds. However it is not a country to match the people in it. The recent entrance in the euro doesn’t appear to have change it to much, apart from a bigger focus on the tourism, taking advantage of the medieval culture and heritage. One can still see the opression and big flow of money coming from Russia, in a poor country with a lot of human potencial. Kind of reminds me of Portugal in that sense.

To show you a bit of what i mean, check their bands. Daniel and Berit showed me some awesome bands you wouldn’t think come from countries like Estonia. They sure have potencial and talent!

I wonder around the city for some hours alone and got to figure most of it, Tallin isn’t that big 🙂

But Daniel and Berit having both worked in Olde Hansa (the main medieval restaurant of Tallinn) they showed me around like no other person could. We rode bicycles to an old prison a bit outside from the center and ended my final day there in a really cool festival, again, a great Estonian band!


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