Finland, land of contrasts


Nothing much goes on. First sight was a bunch of classic cars and a hot blonde bleach hair tall girl that froze me with her rock star look.

I would guess there is a kind of rock culture associated with classic cars here, don’t have time or knowledge enough to find it dough. Reminds me of the Harley Davidson culture in Flevoland. The houses also gave a sense of having stopped in time.

Turku was more of a cheap way to go across the ocean than actually a town I wanted to see, but 2hours was enough to see must of it. In the station, I was flooded by memories just because of the way the train was decorated from the outside, I remember so much reading children’s books with that cat.

Inside, the conductor smiles at me gracefully after seeing my interrail pass and in a soft voice she wishes me a good trip. I hope this represents the Helsinki personality. Gracefull big blonde people in the middle of Scandinavian and ex-soviet countries.


I was a way disappointed by Helsinki. I knew it not to be as rich as its past neighbors, however it felt kind of empty. The grey buildings with light green tops contrast with fancy colored cars and monuments.

The main Cathedral stand as a symbol of that contrast. A massive white cathedral with NOTHING inside, and a beautiful crypt below where I took the time to drink a coffee and write some postcards.

Standing proud and beautiful, the first of many orthodox churches was a beautiful introduction to what is coming in the Baltics. Kaivo Puisto park provided a good relaxation moment, and a note for the poems in benches (wish i could read finish right now!)

As the design capital of 2012, Helsinki amused me with its cultural tram. A reflective tram with monthly events and cultural thingys happening inside.
The chapel of silence took a few hours of my days just to think and rest inside. So peaceful, and guess what? It stands in the most busiest place of Helsinki.

Temppeliaukio Kirkko, known as the Rock Church was also fascinating sight.

My last day was of a bit of nature and the free entrance to the National History Museum (again, how i wish i could read Finish)

Next? Ferry to Estonia, can’t wait!


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