Romantic Sweden

Oslo said goodbye to me, the same way Denmark did, with tears from heaven (smart choice not to camp last night there, and thank you again McDonalds for free accomodation. I’m starting to hate chesseburguers, but 10krons for a burguer compared to any supermarket, its heaven, and I know its only in Scandinavia. Let Estonia open its doors in a week of cheaper food and a home to cook a lovely pasta and salad, how i crave for it now!)

As i left Norway the sleep overtook me and I’ve missed a lot of the countryside. Its just trees, rocks and lakes, kms and kms of it, however, for someone who loves it, its never enough. Sadly, the speed and lack of space of the train killed any possibilty for a photo, but i know for sure i’ll come back, to Oslo not likely, but North of Norway yes!


Stockholm, I surrender to you. The feeling of home I was looking for is here. Such a romantic city, and I feel so confident in the 3 hours i’ve spent here to say its my favorite city so far.

As i write this from the harbour behind Riddarholm Church I face the city hall, so much ressemblence to Gamla Stan old town on my left, and in front of me one of the bridges connecting the islands. Such a integrated part of the landscape, appears to be printed in the horizon, as the mountains and buildings were molded along time ago, and the air ballons glued recently to the clouds.

If a women ever wants to make me the happiest man alive, here it is the secret. Spend a summer week with me here and another in the North of Norway. Warm Jackets as we wonder around the streets of the Old Town, and eat chocolates bought from an old candy store along the way. Ending up our night eating pasta after the sunset in the harbour set the alarm in our bellys. The great jazz club around the corner would fit nice to finish the night and from there to a lovely hotel room. The next week should be of travelling, trough the North of Norway, staying there in a wooden house up in the mountains, snowboarding and enjoying the warmth of a fireplace. Awww…living like this makes me miss the most comfortable things of life!

The sunset was fast, or writting made it that way. As I crossed the Old town on my way to the campsite, I could experience the nightlife of the harbour and the gardens, the first with party-boats at full volume and the second made night day with its amusement park.

Walked and walked. Even crossed the  Kaknäs TV Tower. Must say its beautiful a night, so many different colours, reminded me in a way of Rai Tower (in Amstelveen) and made me miss home (Amsterdam).

My legs soon gave up and I camped in the best spot possible. Woke up with horses running next to me. Realised that an unchecked 25 on my interrail pass can easily became a 26 and an extra day of travelling.

Uppsala it is!
Join to the cities I could have been in instead of Amsterdam (with Leiden senned already, and only Tallin left). A rustic small city. Really beautiful, but nothing much going on there. For now Amsterdam was still the best choice.

A rainy day makes me stop in Domkyrkan. I should probably be the least religious person, but the silence of a church provides me times of rest from my own thoughts. Hope temples in Asia do it in a larger scale even.

Back to Stockholm and craving all day for a coffe in a country with a big culture of coffee and pastrys, I  sucumb myself to a more nutrities  a 56 kronas pasta/salad. Felt so expensivly nice and made me sleep so well in such a rainy night.

Next day was relaxed, got the chance to watch the most touristic part of the city, wasn’t really walking that way but the change of the royal guard parade easily grabbed my attention there, saw the Parlament, and had the chance to nap in a park when the rain it, woke up to a sunny afternoon and saw the sunset from one of the islands.

11 hours on a ferry to go!

As a happy note: The islands I thought I wouldn’t be able to see because of the expensive tours, I was able to see them from the ferry. A beautiful sight!


2 responses to “Romantic Sweden

  1. Haha, regarding McDonalds, I know what you’re talking about. The cheeseburgers are damn cheap but after a while you get annoyed by them. Maybe an alternative: 7eleven has also a good deal: 2 croissants/muffins for 20k. The muffins are really super big so it makes a good brunch 😉

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