Air balloons

Air balloons in the sky, and how they remind me of you. (Don’t know why exactly, I believe it was the moment i start to really fall in love with you, you in Cappadocia).
Travelling alone hasn’t been a problem so far, I always feel the gap of loneliness talking with strangers from time to time, and in my head i have so much entertainment already.

But the sunset always brings in me the need to hug, to have someone close to me and protected, like saying, the night is not stronger than you and I. Because I found that strenght in people, even if I don’t always tell them.

Explaining something to someone, holding them after a conversation, giving them a vote of trust. It always makes me feel stronger.

That’s the way you make me feel so far, thinking of how would it be to have you where gives me a warmth feeling. Even dough I don’t have you, I know how I feel for you, and honestly for me that’s enough right now.
Things that have to happen will happen in their due time, enough with the greed of wanting to enclosure feelings. The most beautiful things are free, and so shall it be every feeling and perception.

Love is only real when not forced, not thinked. So shall we do. Not think of how it will be after, how will we deal with the distance.
Let us, let feathers fall and for now, feel. We have nothing more to wait in life than feeling, and somehow we with our destructive nature find a way to destroy that as well.

I imagine you here looking at me with your eyes even smaller than they are already. Lean your head in my shoulder without saying anything because that was the way I’ve came to love you.

You would start to feel cold and sleepy and i would hug you more. After dinner the couch would wait for us with a blanket over us (the way I always imagine us to be the next time I’m with you), we would talk for hours and hours.
I would turn of the lights because in some point you would fall asleep and I would be awake still, admiring you.

You are one of the most pure things I’ve came to be confronted with, and it just messes up with me inside.
So rarely another person overlaps my pilars and defences, you do, and I love you for it.

However, I love you in this way. Without knowing the future, without craving or caring for it, just loving you, even if from far.

Because of that you are my birdhouse,
for making me feel so at home,
wherever that is.

Bo go shi paw


2 responses to “Air balloons

  1. 텔모야 고마워 날 너무 사랑해 줘서. 진짜 네가 보고싶다! 네 말대로 우리 앞으로 뭐가 어떻게 변해갈 건지 생각하지 말고 이렇게, 딱 이렇게 서로가 미래에 만날 날을 그리자 🙂

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